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Research Offering

packages to fit the needs of the buyside and individual clients

CIR Research Products

Institutional Clients

Technical Tuesday™ is CIR’s flagship product. An indispensable playbook for institutional clients, this weekly report is the extension of Guy’s strategic asset allocation process he developed for technical presentations at top-tier institutions. In the format of a comprehensive market overview with strategic calls, Technical Tuesday covers a broad spectrum of market instruments: equities, commodities, currencies, and fixed income giving projected target prices and risk-management trailing stops.

Intra-week published reports provide timely insights for long and short positions, pair trades, research updates all backed by CIR’s proprietary screening techniques covering over 2000 stocks and ETFs. There are also supplemental reports focusing specifically on indexes and ETFs using CIR’s multi-factor technical model: these reports provide detailed analysis and stock/index rankings to guide investment strategy.

Consulting Services: tailored to your unique portfolio objectives. CIR’s proprietary methodology, interactive spreadsheets, and analytical tools allows for swift, quantitative assessment of equity listings highlighting actionable investment opportunities using daily and weekly charts.

Contact our office directly for specific project, product, and service pricing.


Retail Clients

U.S. Equity Market Technical Tuesday: a distillation of the instructional-grade analysis into actionable insights for U.S. equities. Tailored for retail investors, this publication provides tactical and intermediate-term inflection areas and target zones for select indices and liquid ETFs. Subscription is available at $29.95/month.

Transition Point Trader: our premier retail offering, Transition Point Trader, leverages sophisticated stock screening algorithms to pinpoint long or short opportunities at crucial trend inflection points. With over 25 years of successful deployment, this service highlights potential short-squeeze opportunities and identifies stocks primed for out-sized movement; our screening process using various technologies draws on deep understanding of technical setups and market flows. Subscription is available at $49.95/month.

Clients choosing both publications receive a bundled discount price of $64.95/month.


Elevate your portfolio:

Experience our expertise with a complimentary trial

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Elevate your portfolio:

Experience our expertise with a complimentary trial

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